About Tidioute Cutlery

Tidioute is not only a place, but it is a state of mind. Cutlers were making knives by hand with the Tidioute Cutlery name stamped on the blade over 100 years ago. Today Great Eastern Cutlery has accepted the challenge of producing knives by American craftsman to rival the grandeur and hard core usability of the namesake from the 19th Century.

Tidioute Cutlery branded knives are simple elegance: satin finished blades, brass liners, nickel silver bolsters, and slabs too numerous to count. Made of 1095 carbon steel in the old Cyclops Specialty Steels factory in Titusville, PA; Tidioute Cutlery has quickly picked up a staunch following of collectors, users, and many that do a lot of both!

Great Eastern Cutlery started producing Tidioute Cutlery again in 2006, along with Northfield Cutlery and their namesake Great Eastern Cutlery. They have done the original brand proud by making every component of the Tidioute pocket knife with American hands with American components wherever possible. They stamp/cut their metal components, bone, stag, wood, pearl, abalone, acrylics. Tidioute Cutlery blades are sent out for professional heat treat, and that is about all that ever leaves the factory for outside work. Pride and integrity are evident in every finished Tidioute knife.

Tidioute knives have a lifetime warranty against defects and a satisfaction guarantee if purchased thru an authorized dealer / distributor. So pick one up today whether you need a work horse or another one for the boys collection. Shop for Tidioute Cutlery

Tidioute Gallery

Great Eastern Cutlery Stockyard Whittler Tidioute GBM Acrylic 291319

Great Eastern Cutlery Rams Foot Swayback Jack Tidioute Natural Canvas Micarta 933119

Great Eastern Cutlery Toothpick Tidioute Che Chen Rosewood 128119

Great Eastern Cutlery Allegheny Large Coke Bottle Tidioute Autumn Gold Bone 971119

Great Eastern Cutlery Pemberton Jack Tidioute Muslin Micarta 062219

Great Eastern Cutlery Boys Knife Pocket Jack Tidioute OD Linen Micarta 152118

Great Eastern Cutlery Lick Creek Boys Knife Jack Tidioute Cutlery Rust Red Bone 141118

Great Eastern Cutlery 38 Special Jack Tidioute Tractor Green Bone 381117